What is myplex?
myplex is a premium video service that brings to you the hottest and freshest Hollywood movies and Indian TV Channels. myplex offers you access to your favourite entertainment across personal computers and laptops (PC/Mac), smartphones an tablets in a highly optimized and world-class user experience.

How do I watch my favourite movies and tv channel on myplex?
Browse the site and/or search for movies by title, genre, actor name or your favourite TV channel that you would like to watch and start playing it and you can watch a movie or tv channel using any web browser i.e internet explorer, firefox, chrome, safari, opera etc…. or using myplex app on Android and IOS platform.

What are the requirements in order to watch any movie/TV channel?

  1. A broadband Internet connection.
  2. You just need to install the myplex player (Widevine Video Optimizer) on your device. It automatically adjusts itself to your available Internet speed also you can adjust bitrate at player level. However, for a great streaming experience, it is recommended to have a stable network connection with a consistent speed of 2Mbps and above.

Do I need to sign-up/log-in for watching movies/ TV channels on myplex?
Yes, you need to sign-up in-case of 1st time user of myplex to watch any movies or TV channels and for subsequent viewing you need to log-in using your unique user ID and password.

Which browsers do you support?
Myplex is compatible with all popular browsers, however we recommend you the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari.

What are the different genres available at myplex?
myplex offers you a variety of movies from different genres like action, animation, entertainment, comedy, drama, romance, thriller, horror and more. You can view the full genre listing on the genre tab on the home page.


How do I register with myplex?
You can register with your email id and password or you can use your social network (facebook) to sign in. myplex will be running special promotions from time to time and your social network log in could give you special access to these.

Do I need to pay at the time of registration?
No. Registration is absolutely free

Do I need to pay for watching movies, trailers, live TV channels?
Unless explicitly specified, a registered user has to pay for watching, downloading movies and live TV channels. However, all trailers can be viewed for free.

Modes of payment accepted for viewing Movies and Live TV channels
A registered user can pay using Credit card, Debit card & Net banking options only. However, please do check for any new payment options we may introduce in future.

When trying to pay with my card, I see “Payment Declined, please check your card details”. What is the reason for this?
There can be following reasons that you are getting this message:

  1. For watching movies/live TV Channels, please ensure that your credit/debit card is open for online transactions.
  2. The card has to be issued in India for purchases made in India.
  3. If you don’t have a card from a country where myplex is currently available, unfortunately you won’t be able to subscribe to the myplex Service at the moment.

Is paying online on safe?
Yes. Paying on myplex is 100% safe. We use the best in transaction security to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the respective banks. All our payments are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading Banks.

Why is my card rejected?
There may be a few reasons for card rejection:

  1. Make sure that your card has not expired. If you have received a new card, update your credit card details on your subscription page
  2. The country set in your subscription details must match the country where your card is registered.
  3. Your card should be enabled for online transactions.
  4. Ensure you have enough credit limit in case you are using a credit card.
  5. In case of any other issues please get in touch with issuing Bank.

Why am I being charged more than once for a movie?
This can only mean that your card is being misused or you have made multiple transactions. Please let us know the duplicate transaction details at

How can I see my recently purchased movies?
You can access all your purchased movies by logging in to your profile page on and viewing the purchased movies.

How many times can I watch a movie if I rent it?
Once you rent a movie you can watch it in within 30 days (time starts from the day of purchase) and once you have started viewing the movie the secured link for  movie  will get expired within 48 hrs.

How many times can i watch a movie after I ‘Buy’ it or ‘download to own’ it?
Downloaded owned movies are with you for a period of 10 years. You can watch these anytime, anywhere using any device. The secured link for download can be accessed 3 times. In case you need to download this movie more than once (and upto a maximum of three times), please drop us a request at

How can I download a movie on my device?
While you can only stream the movie (Rental) for now, we will be shortly starting the download to own or rent option. Please let us know your interest  at and we will make sure to inform you when we do.

How can I cancel my subscription?
There is no cancellation once you buy or rent a movie.

From how many places can I login and watch movie or download a movie, simultaneously?
You can simultaneously login from a maximum of 4 places/ devices. You can watch a movie online from only one place/ device at any time. In addition, conditions may apply on the duration available to you to complete watching the movie online or offline. The current conditions are-


  1. 30 days to start watching the movie from the time you purchase it.
  2. 48 hours to complete watching the movie once you start watching it.

There is no limit on the duration for watching the movie. However, restrictions may apply on the duration in which you can complete downloading the movie. It is recommended that you download the movie within 30 days from your purchase. You can download a movie for a maximum of 3 times. Once downloaded, you can watch it forever.

How many times  can I download purchased movies?
You will be billed the cost of the selected video only once, however you can download the video a maximum of three (3) times. For the 1st download there is no charge but for the 2nd and the 3rd download request there will be a processing fee that has to be borne by the customer. For further downloads the title/movie needs to be re-purchased.

I have paid money, got your acknowledgement but am unable to play the movie. Why?
You may be seeing a message that says Widevine Optimizer needs to be installed. To be able to play this movie, you will need to install Widevine Optimizer (a Google product). Its free, completely safe, secure and installation takes  just a few minutes depending on your network speed.

In case the movie does not play after installation, please try restarting your computer. Some Windows systems need a restart for the installation to be activated.

What is it?
myplex uses Google’s Widevine technology for efficient delivery and protection of content.

How do I do it?
The first time you play a myplex movie, your Internet browser may prompt you to install the Widevine Video Optimizer. Please click on “Get Video Optimizer” to download and install the Widevine Optimizer. It is safe to install this plugin and it is required to watch movies on myplex, besides it only takes a few minutes.

After downloading and installing the software, you are ready to watch the feature length movies.

In Case of trouble:
In some cases you may have to:

Case 1) logout of myplex and login again, OR

Case 2) clear browser cache and cookies, and then login again OR

Case 3) clear browser cache and cookies, exit browser and restart, OR

Case 4) reboot the PC or Mac

Rest assured, your content is available for streaming for 30 days. We will always be available to walk you through this one-time process via email

With that out of the way, have fun on myplex!

Other Questions

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?
Just click on “Forgot Password” link. You will then be requested to enter your email ID (the one you had signed up for the first time) and we will send you a new password reset link via email.

Can I write reviews about the movies?
Yes. You can write reviews and also post your comments using our Post Comments feature below the movie page.

What if my question isn’t in the list above?
Mail us your query on and our team will get you an answer. Please explain your problem clearly with possible steps to reproduce your error/issue. You can also send us a screenshot or more details about your environment to help us resolve your error faster.

Can I watch Movies or Live TV on my LCD or LED?
Yes. You can watch movies at your LCD or LED television by connecting your device (Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop) through HDMI, DVI port provided it is HDCP Compliant.

How to Check  if my LCD or LED TV is HDCP Complaint?


  1. Check the box of your television. Manufacturer of televisions that use the HDCP system must obtain a license from Intel, and will often display that the TV Is HDCP compliant on the box.
  2. Refer the user manual of your television. Read the video-cable section and see if it lists HDCP anyplace between the descriptions of video ports. If it does not, your television is probable not HDCP-compliant.
  3. Call the customer service number for the manufacturer of your high-definition television. Give the descriptive the model number of your television and ask if it is HDCP-compliant.
  4. Connect a non-HDCP compliant DVD player, Blu-ray player, or game system to your LCE or LED television. If the picture appears white, unclear, or does not display at all, your TV is HDCP compliant.

Important: If your TV does not have a DVI jack or an HDMI jack, it cannot be HDCP compliant. If it has an HDMI jack, it is HDCP compliant. If it has a DVI jack, it may be HDCP compliant. To be sure please check with your TV Manufacturer.

The above list, is by no means comprehensive. If you have any questions that are not being answered her, please write to us at We would be delighted to help you get the most out of myplex.